Selling your yacht

What can you expect from us?

We work on a no cure no pay basis. Only if your yacht is sold, you will pay 5% commission, including VAT, from the selling price, with a minimum of  € 2500,– (including VAT).

After the first appointment, we will inspect your yacht thoroughly and we will discuss a firm selling price. If you agree with our observations, we can finalise an exclusive conciliation agreement. We will also do a VAT investigation and a cadastre research. After making several pictures of your yacht and a detailed list with specifications, including inventory, we will start a promotional campaign for your yacht. We will do this via our own website, international advertising campaigns, our network, network of colleagues, social media etc.

Viewings of potential buyers of your yacht will always take place with one of our employees. After the price negotiations, we can also arrange a technical inspection, of course guided by us. We will finalise the selling agreement. The financial transaction will go safely through an escrow account of the HISWA  (Holland Marine Industry). And then it is time for the delivery of your yacht to the new owner.

The after-sales is also an important element for us. We do advise the new owner of the yacht with information  about transport, insurance and maintenance.

What do we expect from the owner/seller of  a yacht?

  • The yacht will be sold from its own berth which means that you can continue with sailing and you do not need to terminate the contract with the marina yet.
  • The yacht needs to stay well maintained and kept in good condition so we can show it to potential buyers in an optimal status. In consultation we can take care of the cleaning of your yacht as well.
  • The yacht, will stay insured, with a preference for all risk.

Foto: Rick Tomlinson

Besides that we do advertise your yacht on our own website and various social media,

the advertisement of your yacht is also linked to various national and international sites